All about the Cardiac Care Technology

This technology has been one of the most common alternatives for aspirants among India’s several allied healthcare degrees. The B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology program is aimed to prepare students to provide therapy and pre/post-surgery care to patients with cardiopulmonary disorders.

A B.Sc Cardiac Care Technologists’ responsibilities range from assisting specialists during procedures and operations to assisting patients during their rehabilitation. A Cardiac Care Technologist will monitor the heart and pulse rate while operating crucial and valuable instruments.

Those interested in the course will spend three years learning various themes and issues in the field and being required to complete an internship at the end of their studies. Depending on the college, an applicant may be required to take an admission exam, which, in some instances, will be administered by the institution itself. Because there are no national or state-level entrance tests for this course, students should check the eligibility requirements for the college of their choosing.

Objectives for a B.Sc. in Cardiac Care Technology

A Cardiac Care Technologist’s main contribution is to aid physicians and surgeons in the following areas:

• Patient preparation for numerous heart-related operations and surgeries

• Assisting surgeons with pacemaker implantation

• Surveillance of Patients during Surgeries

• Performing electrocardiograms and stress tests on the heart

• Taking care of and maintaining instruments that are used to monitor irregular heartbeats.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology

• Applicants must have passed a recognized board of education’s class 12 board examination in the science stream.

• Candidates should have a minimum of 50 to 55 percent in physics, chemistry, and biology.

• Admission to the course will be determined by the medical college’s admission rules. Some colleges may hold their entrance exam to narrow down prospects, while others may accept applicants solely based on their merit.

Admissions Process for B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology

Candidates must study the admission processes used by B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology colleges in India because this is an allied health course. Each college will conduct its admissions procedure following its requirements.

According to several of India’s best B, aspirants would be required to sit for an entrance exam conducted by the college, institute, or university itself. Candidates will be expected to sit for a personal interview after the entrance exam. The aspirants’ admission to the program will be determined by their performance in the entrance exam and personal interview.

On the other hand, some colleges may accept students based on their merit, which is assessed using their qualifying marks.

Career Options & Job Prospects for B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology

Because the medical industry is vast and diverse, graduates of a B.Sc Cardiac Care Technology program will have a good chance of obtaining work. The majority of job openings will be in hospitals licensed to perform surgical procedures; however, there are additional career routes and options for a Cardiac Care Technologist. The following is a list of possible career paths for a Cardiac Care Technology graduate.

• public and private hospitals and clinics

• Centers for Rehabilitation

• Medical Practices

• Universities and Colleges

• Nursing Homes and Care Facilities